New Beginnings

These last 3 months have been a whirl wind! I am welcoming 2017 with open arms.

Shortly after coming home from our eastern European honeymoon, my husband and I started house hunting, and miraculously ended up scoring a steal of a deal on a lovely 3 bedroom townhouse outside the city, in Langley. Fun fact: Buying a house is such a stressful event. I hope to not have to go through this process very often in my lifetime. Shortly after our offer was accepted, I made the hard decision to put my business on the back burner, and find a full time job. The stars aligned once again, and I landed a great job with a local university.

The realization that my life had changed as if in the blink of an eye started hitting me, and doubt started settling in. Did we make the right decision to move so far away from where we consider home right now? Did I make the right decision to take on a full time job and put my entrepreneurial ambitions on hold? Logically it all made sense, by my heart was having a hard time catching up. Did we really need a 3 bedroom home right away? Do I really need benefits?

With all this stress weighing on my shoulders, the sleepless nights, and my constantly furrowed brow, it was no surprise to me that on top of all this my period was late! Just to be on the safe side, I bought a pregnancy test. You know, just to rule that out first and foremost. I mean, I wasn’t concerned, after all, my body is very sensitive to stress!

Within 3 minutes my life changed again. I was pregnant. I was in disbelief. My husband waited for my reaction before he let his show, though I could clearly tell he was over the moon. All I could manage to say was, “This is the worst timing ever!!!” with a huge smile.

I was facing so many massive changes in my life already. Settling into married life, accepting the change of my career path, and trying to wrap my head around moving to Langley after living in Vancouver for so long. And now I had one more huge change to adjust to: pregnancy, followed by motherhood.

What I hadn’t realized at the time, is that, actually, it was the best timing ever. Suddenly the worry about getting a full time job turned into relief that I have a steady income to provide for my little family. And the angst of moving to a small community turned into eagerness to start planting my roots for this next chapter of my life. And the adjustment to married life became easy: we are a team. We are creating a life together, and we will do everything in our power to have a solid relationship full of love and respect for one another. I know I can count on my husband for anything. I know he will be the most amazing father our child could ever ask for.

As my sister put it, I had quite literally made room in my life for a baby. It’s amazing how during the most stressful times of our life, during these times of massive change, eventually it all comes together. It all ends up making sense. It’s not always as speedy of a process as it has been for me, but things end up adding up. Trust the process. Everything always falls into place!


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