Wrapping up 2016

What a year!

While there’s a ton of hate towards 2016 because of everything that’s been happening on a global scale, this year has been incredible for me personally. I’d like to share with you some of the positive experiences that have made this year unforgettable for me.

This was the year I can honestly say I enjoyed running races. My first success was a double whammy: Not only did I run my first ever sub 49 min 10 K, but I also beat my husband’s time by a whopping 2 seconds at the Vancouver Chilly Chase! After this, I was hooked. Though I struggled through the last portion of the race, the Run For Women 10 K gave me a taste for actually placing. I proudly discovered that I had placed third in my division at this race. But it was the Run Canada Day race that really did it for me this year. Though it wasn’t my fastest race (my finishing time was just over 50 mins) it was the first 10 K I’ve completed where I learned how to pace myself, dropped the negative self talk when I felt a struggle, and finally experienced the infamous “runner’s high”. The cherry on the cake was when I checked my results and realized I had placed first in my division!

I experienced winter camping for the first time. In the snow. In a quinzhee! Though not the most restful of sleeps, the memories of building it and piling inside it with my group of friends will stay with me forever.

I went on my first road trip! A last minute proposition was presented to me by one of my best friends (though at the time, our friendship was only just beginning). Logically it made no sense, but that urge to explore dominated and without hesitation I agreed to a week and a half long adventure exploring Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. I scrambled onto giant red rocks, explored vortex sites in Sedona, drove a luxurious SUV into the dessert sunset, and hiked Zion with not nearly enough water.

I went on my second road trip! As an early wedding gift, our friends spoiled us with a beautiful road trip through the Rockies. I’ve never seen such breath taking glaciers, such inspiring waterfalls, or such aquamarine coloured lakes.

On that note: I got married!  The day was magical. We performed a choreographed first dance, and partied with the most amazing group of people. As for the honeymoon, we explored my home country, Poland, along with Croatia, and a bit of the Czech Republic.

My husband and I bought our first house! As stressful of an experience as it has been, it’s definitely worth celebrating.

And lastly, I got pregnant!

2017 is going to be an adventure. We are moving out of the city and into the suburbs at the end of January. My belly will start growing bigger and bigger. We will meet our baby in June, and then parenthood will take over. Throughout this time, I plan on blogging regularly. Don’t forget to follow me to stay up to date with what’s happening.

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe tonight, have fun, and celebrate the successes of this year, no matter how small.

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