Pregnancy Cravings & What I Ate

As a vegan, I get asked a lot about what I eat. It’s funny because as soon as you tell someone you’re vegan, they’re suddenly very concerned about what you’re eating. Where do you get your protein? But how do you not eat cheese? What DO you eat? All common questions that come up.

When I got pregnant, maintaining my vegan ways was a no-brainer. I’m vegan not because of the diet, but because of the ethics of animal welfare and the state of our planet. Pregnancy has not changed my stance one bit. Have I had moments of weakness? You bet. I remember one time in particular that I found myself in Whole Foods craving smoked salmon, and something (anything) covered in melted cheese. I begged my husband to give in with me. I said we’re doing it for the baby, we’re taking one for the team. He, of course, refused.

My chest started pounding while I was looking at the beautifully laid out deli sandwiches. It wasn’t from excitement. It was from stress. My taste buds begged me for a quick hit of something cheesy and animal fleshy. But my brain, as if on autopilot, replayed what seemed like all of the graphic images of animal cruelty I had ever seen. Suddenly I remembered the cows and pigs I pet and fed at the Happy Herd Farm Animal Sanctuary on my 30th birthday. The swarm of people crowding in to place their orders only made my heart beat faster.

My stomach was growling, and suddenly I spotted a vegan mushroom soup simmering out of the corner of my eye. I removed the lid, leaned in a little and took a giant whiff. Let’s be honest, pregnant women have bear noses. If there was even just one ingredient that I felt an aversion to, the soup wouldn’t have been an option for me. Luckily, the medley of ingredients were exactly what I craved! I proudly poured my soup, grabbed a french roll to dip in to it, and devoured it all as quickly as possible. Later on I thanked my husband for not giving in when I begged him to.

Since that moment, I’ve still had occasional cravings here and there, but I talk myself through them and I find a vegan friendly alternative that hits the spot.

So if I’m not eating meat and cheese, then what exactly am I eating? Well, here’s a quick snap shot of my meals yesterday. Saturdays are hit or miss for me, and yesterday I couldn’t fight the urge to take a nap, so my lunch is a little… sub par, if you will.

img_20170108_084439_139000 If there’s one meal I never skimp on, it’s breakfast! Here I have a bowl of oatmeal with natural almond butter, flaxseed, and hemp hearts, topped with sliced bananas, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.

img_20170108_084404_656000After my workout, I treated myself to a vegan Mango Mango smoothie with added spinach from Body Energy Club.

img_20170108_084254_200000Pictured here is only one of the two naval oranges I sliced up and ate within a matter of seconds. I tell you, when those citrus cravings hit, they hit hard.

Then I took a nap, when really I should have prepared some kind of a decent lunch. Oh well. My body needed rest!

img_20170108_084334_656000When I woke up, I was hangry. My husband and I didn’t have dinner plans for another two hours, but I needed something to tie me over. So I ate one Field Roast sausage with ketchup, and 3 dried apricots. Had we not been rushing out the door soon, I would have eaten way more than that. When the Hanger Monster is out, there’s no stopping her.

20170107_182100_hdrFor dinner we met up with a good friend of ours and caught up on life over vegan tacos at Banditas Taqueria. Hands down, one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver. The Ronny Russell tacos are to die for, and their side salad has the best citrusy dressing I’ve ever tasted!

20170107_191530_hdr-1Even though I was ridiculously full at this point, I had had a mad craving for a spongey kind of cake for weeks. No amount of dried fruit or oranges could curb it, so when I saw on the menu a coconut and chocolate vegan cake, I simply had to have it.

And that’s it! I have no idea how many calories, or grams of protein I consumed. What I do know is that it was all fairly healthy (the processed sausage I could have maybe done without… but have you tried Field Roast before?? It’s the shit!) and I felt super satisfied after every meal and snack. And look at that, it was all vegan 🙂

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