The Halfway Point

20 weeks down, 20 (or so) more to go!

I can’t believe that I am halfway through my pregnancy! My belly is now undeniable, though if you ask my mother, she’ll say I just look like I’ve eaten too much cabbage. Though it’s still quite small, I’m loving wearing tighter tops to show it off. I’ve also noticed myself resting my hand on my belly every so often. I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me by a few different people. It’s almost as if I’m unconsciously trying to comfort my little one.

Baby has been moving like crazy inside my belly. Every little flutter makes my heart want to explode. I can’t put into words what these movements actually feel like. I struggle to describe them as they’re all so different. Sometimes it’s flutter, sometimes it’s momentary pressure, sometimes it’s a feeling that I’ve never felt before but I know it’s the baby. Every movement is exciting, foreign yet familiar, weird yet comforting.

I am starting to feel a lot more calm about labour. I’m still scared shitless for the pain because it’s so foreign to me, but I’ve been listening to lots of different women’s stories, and they’ve all been very positive (never painless, might I add) and encouraging. I know that biologically, I will be able to get through it, but it’s the mental part of the whole process that I struggle with. And so much of that is because of the unknown feeling of what labour pain actually feels like. I have set my intentions to give birth vaginally (provided my body and baby will let me), and unmedicated. I’m not, however, against modern medicine! And I am not too proud to say that if I can’t handle the pain, you better believe that I’ll ask for that epidural. But let’s not focus on that. Listening to the Birthful podcast has been the greatest suggestion I could have gotten. If you’re expecting, and haven’t tuned into it yet, go check it out! I attribute most of my calmness to this podcast.

Jeff and I have talked about it, and we will be hiring a doula. Everyone that I spoke with that had a doula, couldn’t say enough great things. I really feel that having someone there to help me focus on the breathing, and visualizations, as well as, helping Jeff understand his role in this whole crazy experience, will be invaluable.  The midwifery group that is our health care provider during this pregnancy, the Community Birth Program, offers a subsidized doula support program, which is an added bonus!

On Monday we have our anatomy scan, and I’m so excited to see baby’s little bones and the outline of his or her little face. We can find out the gender at this ultrasound, and have compromised on doing a gender reveal at our shower. So basically we will have a sealed envelope sitting in our house for about 2 months before we are allowed to open it, revealing if it has been a little boy or little girl dancing around in my belly. Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE surprises so I won’t be the least bit tempted to sneak a peek, but for safe measures I’ll still put the envelope deep into a drawer and out of sight.

As always, thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying Hemp Hearts & Baby Farts so far. I’d love hear your fun idea on how to reveal a baby’s gender, or a positive birth story that you’ve heard of or experienced yourself.

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