Going Suburban

I never thought I’d leave Kitsilano, and here I am in Walnut Grove!

It’s now been just over two and a half weeks since I’ve moved out of Vancouver and into the quaint Township of Langley. Life has been pretty busy, what with the unpacking, and sorting of stuff, IKEA runs to pick up more stuff, and oh yeah, we adopted two cats!

My experience of the first week of living here differs immensely from my second week.


During my first week, the weekend was eaten up with the actual move. We had an amazing team of friends helping us through it. After the gigantic Uhaul was packed up, Jeff and I had a sweet moment saying good-bye to our apartment. And by that I mean, I let the tears free flow down my face while he hugged me, comforted me, and told me everything will be okay and that we are going to make so many great memories in our new house. He really is the best!

Normally Tuesdays or Thursdays are our date nights. And that first week was no exception. It was at this point that suburban living really slapped us in the face. Finding a restaurant that could accommodate our dietary needs was quite the challenge. We managed to find a Thai place that was advertised as accommodating to vegans somewhere downtown Langley. Neither of us were quite convinced that our server understood what “vegan” really meant.

As we waited for our food to arrive, we had a solid heart-to-heart. We had both been feeling very lonely that week. Even though we didn’t socialize that much Monday to Friday, it was always nice to know we had our best friends just minutes away. I had to fight back tears when I admitted that I felt like perhaps we had rushed into this decision too quickly. We agreed on giving the new residence a full year before making any drastic decisions again. Knowing that Jeff had the same hesitations as me made me feel at ease, and at the same time very hopeful. We’ve always been good at facing challenges together. We left the restaurant feeling a little less lonely that evening.

As I’ve mentioned, our second week evoked entirely different emotions.

Over the weekend, Vancouver, and all surrounding areas (especially moving further east), received a massive dump of snow. We were literally snowed in! And this was when that small town feel of our neighbourhood began to shine through. As I looked outside through our backyard sliding door, I saw two dogs sniffing and walking through the snow.

“Puppies!” I let the 8 year old in me exclaim.

Jeff and I laced up our boots and went out to pet them. Turns out they prefer to bark at strangers rather than be touched. The dogs belonged to our next door neighbours, who invited us in for a cup of coffee, right away! This was the first time in my life to ever experience such outwardly graciousness. The two ladies shared with us brief previews of the stories of their lives, just enough for us to get a taste and want to come back for more. We exchanged numbers and I can’t wait for those warm summer evenings when we can hop the fence and listen to their stories. My heart is full of gratitude for being next door to such cool people!

Later that day, as the snow fall began to slow, what seemed like all of the men in our complex were out shovelling the driveway! Another great opportunity to meet those living just a few doors away from us. Who would have thought that such a day of confinement would bring us so much joy.


That same weekend, on a whim, Jeff suggested we adopt a cat… Which turned into two cats. By Wednesday our family multiplied. We are now the proud adoptive parents of Frank, a 4 year old grey tabby, and Kit Kat, a 10 year old orange tabby. The cats are getting along as well as two rescue cats can be expected to. They have helped fill our house with laughter, cuddles, and unfortunately a slight aroma of cat shit in the powder room. We are still trying to figure out the smartest litter box situation for them.

Every day spent in this town is getting better. We finally found our go-to grocery store. I no longer need Google Maps to navigate me back home. And we’ve been getting creative in the kitchen with new recipes. I’m finally back in my morning routine of getting up bright and early to write. We’re definitely looking forward to the days getting longer, when we can go and explore the various trails and parks near by. All in all, things are looking up for us!

Baby updates are coming soon. As always, check out the Hemp Hearts & Baby Farts Facebook page and Instagram account!

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