Back In The Writing Groove

It’s amazing how life just keeps on going regardless of if we prioritize the important things to us or not!

The last time I posted was in February and now it’s already mid April. Oops. Anyways, I’m back at it now, and I figure I should give a recap of how my pregnancy has been going since this Saturday I’m hitting 30 weeks already.

The second trimester has passed in the blink of an eye. Now I’m soldering on strong and proud into the third trimester and feeling better emotionally and physically than I had been thus far.

I’m feeling very confident in my body. I’ve never once doubted my body’s ability to create this new life, however annoying crap from my younger years had prevented me from feeling like the Wonder Woman I deserve to feel like. For a long portion of this pregnancy I didn’t feel attractive, which I know sounds so vain, but this is just some of the annoying crap from my younger years that I’m referring to. Physically, I felt very weak. My lower back would ache after just a short walk. My motivation to workout was dwindling. The weather in the lower mainland did not help at all. It’s been the wettest weather in history, I swear to God! Okay, maybe more like in the last 25 years… but that’s just 5 years shy of my entire history! I remember thinking several times, I just can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over so I can look like myself again, and do the things I used to be able to do (like tie my shoes without feeling like I’m crushing my child). Then the pregnancy hormones would kick in, and I’d feel like crying for feeling that way because it’s not that I wasn’t grateful for this baby, it’s just that I missed seeing my toes and not feeling fat every single day.

But just a few weeks ago something changed. Maybe it was the few sunny days we experienced, or the random stranger that stopped me to complement me on how amazing pregnancy looks on me, or the fact that I’ve started practicing yoga again after a very long break, but I started feeling better. Just overall. I started putting a little more effort into my appearance in the morning. Well… Most mornings, because let’s face it, we all get those mornings where that extra 20 minutes of sleep trumps putting on eyeliner that day. Listening to other people’s experiences with pregnancy put my own in perspective. This has been a very easy task for my body. My body has not rebelled against me, it has gotten stronger with each day, and this realization has humbled me greatly. My energy has returned in full force. I’m craving workouts like I used to. I’m craving breaking a sweat and feeling a bit sore the next day. Sure, my back still aches every so often, but my increase in physical activity (even though it’s moderate) has helped to strengthen my muscles to get me through the day without pain. Returning to my mat has also worked in my favour (surprise, surprise). has been my saving grace. There are a few prenatal flow classes on there, and they really hit the spot physically and emotionally. Connecting with friends more frequently has livened up my social life. Living int he suburbs can get pretty lonely, and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve made a conscious effort to reach out to my friends more frequently.

I do still take things day by day since pregnancy really does have a mind of her own. I definitely still have no-reason freak outs. But all in all, I’m feeling strong, in every aspect of the word.

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