My 4 Pregnancy Prep Resources

I’m navigating my way through pregnancy for the first time, and here are a few of the things I am currently obsessed with.

Mother’s Wellness Stretch Mark Blend from Sage – My girlfriend, a new mama herself, gave me a bottle of this oil as a gift. It has a light smell and absorbs quickly for an oil, especially if I apply it right after a nice shower. I’m at 31 weeks almost and still no stretch mark in site. By no means am I attributing that to this oil. The thing with stretch marks is that sometimes they can show up right in those last couple of weeks of pregnancy, or right after you give birth even. It really does come down to your genetics. While I’m not pumped about the potential to have a belly covered in stripes, I’m definitely not letting myself get too worried about it either. This oil helps to keep my skin smooth and moisturized and really does help alleviate a lot of itching that I’m starting to experience now that my belly really is getting big.

The Birth Hour podcast – I discovered this podcast early on in my pregnancy when I was absolutely terrified about labour and delivery. Each episode interviews a different woman and her experience with childbirth. Often times the mama’s that call in have had more than one birth to draw on. What I love most about it is how diverse the stories are! Women who have had cesarean sections, breech births, epidurals, no epidurals, home births, hospital births, fast, and long deliveries all share their experiences and it’s amazing and liberating. Thanks to this podcast, I feel like I have a bit more insight on how to set realistic expectations for my big day.

Prenatal Modified Flow on – This free online yoga class can only be described one way: YUMMY. The instructor has sequenced the class in such a way that I feel as though it relieves all of the areas that ache during pregnancy (low back especially!) It’s on the lengthier side, but you can easily pause the video at any point (provided you completed the poses on both sides of the body already) and break it up into more manageable chunks.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – This is a great book that helps to remove the fear around labour and delivery. Unlike The Birth Hour podcast which is all inclusive of different birth plans, this was is a lot more granola. Though it doesn’t outright mention not getting an epidural, or other forms of medical pain relief, it certainly does shed light on why you shouldn’t. I’m not a huge fan of that. Every birth story is unique and so many women benefit from medical pain relief that there’s no need to demonize it. Having said this, the book is still a great, quick read! It touches on midwifery history which is super interesting, and helps to explain why certain labours last longer than others, and presents all of the holistic ways to help you have a natural, unmedicated birth.

Did you have any go-to resources to get you through pregnancy? Please share in the comments!

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