Baby’s Sex Reveal

I was so convinced I already knew the sex of my baby, but boy was I wrong!

When I got pregnant, I decided I didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby. This was something my husband and I hadn’t discussed before. In my stubborn way, I just figured, my body, my way. Jeff, on the other hand, wanted to find out the sex as soon as possible. Now, if there is one thing I’m learning in my marriage it’s that compromise goes a very long way. After humming and hawing, I presented him with the idea to find out the sex, but not until our baby shower. This way the anticipation could build up for a few extra weeks, and we do get to find out the sex before the birthday. He accepted my offer.

Natalia Reardon Photography

Upon getting the baby’s sex written on a piece of paper by our ultrasound technician, I suddenly felt like i had made a horrible mistake. That flimsy little sheet of paper taunted me. I suggested to Jeff that we screw the whole idea, and just have a peak and see. He stood his ground, and didn’t let me ruin our plan, knowing very well that I truly did want to have a big surprise, because I am a woman who LOVES surprises, as you can see by my engagement video here. So as quickly as we could, we asked our two best friends if they wouldn’t mind being in charge of organizing the surprise and handed off our baby’s information to them.

The weeks passed, the anticipation built up. I was CONVINCED I knew who has been kicking, and rolling, and doing summersaults in my belly this entire time. I took every “test” under the sun to confirm my knowledge. I was carrying high, my pee didn’t fizz when I added baking soda to it (don’t ask if you don’t already know), I craved sweets in my first trimester, my face had breakouts, but most of all, I really truly felt like I just knew.

Natalia Reardon Photography

With a few of our close friends and family gathered around, we watched the spectacle that our extremely creative friends had put on. It was described as a Scottish surprise. Decked out in full Scottish garb, kilts and all, they asked the crowd to create a beat, and they started dancing! Slowly one kilt went up, and a big, white “X” was fastened on underneath. Everyone ooh-ed. I could hardly contain my excitement. To my surprise, as the second kilt went up, a big, white “Y” was presented. My husband exclaimed, “IT’S A BOY!” and I was flooded with emotions.

It was tear city over here! For the past 31 weeks I was convinced I was carrying a baby girl. I never once thought to myself that I could be wrong.


As the tears started flowing, so did the thoughts in my head. For the first split seconds I mourned the idea of having a daughter. Jeff and I were so sure of ourselves that I couldn’t help but get attached to the idea of being the mother of a daughter. Once that thought passed, and the guilt of feeling like I favoured one sex over the other hit, I cried because after all that waiting, I finally had a clear answer, and I felt like the bond between me and baby could get even stronger now. It all just felt so real now. 

We’re going to welcome a baby boy into our lives this June! Our son!!!

Natalia Reardon Photography

If you’d like to watch the reveal, please click here. Special thank you to Natalia Reardon Photography for capturing our surprise on camera, as well as our family and friends for making the day so memorable!

Natalia Reardon Photography

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