Baby’s First Painting

It rains a LOT in the lower mainland. So I decided it’s time to step up my mama game and start introducing Sawyer to the wonderful world of arts & crafts! With a little inspiration from Pinterest, together, we worked on an abstract painting! I say together because I did all the hard work (prepping, cleaning, helping) while Sawyer did all the fun stuff (squishing paint and licking the bag… Ew).

Here’s what we used:

  • A freezer bag sized Ziplock
  • A canvas board small enough to fit inside the bag
  • Some acrylic medium – This just gives the pain a shiny finish when it’s dry. You don’t have to have it.
  • Some acrylic paints
  • A baby – Though I won’t judge if you do this by yourself. It’s quite fun!

So, all I did here was randomly drop some acrylic medium from about a foot and a half away. Then I did the same with the paints. I was just looking for general even coverage.

Then I carefully placed the canvas inside the Ziplock. Obviously it smudged right off the bat, and I had to do a thorough job cleaning the paint from between the zipper flaps since I knew my son would for sure be chewing on those. This goes without saying, but use  nontoxic paints. I cleaned the flaps with soap to be extra safe #paranoidfirsttimemom.

So squishy and fun!

And just let your baby go to town. Let them feel it with their little hands, let them barrel roll over it, let them pick it up and throw it down. The more they play with it, the more the colours will blend!

Just loving it!



In order to preserve the original smudging that my little Picasso created, I decided to cut the Ziplock open. Let’s face it, that bag won’t be getting re-used.

Oooh la la!
Super satisfying to peel it open!

I opted to fill in the empty spaces on the canvas because that’s how Type A I am, but shortly after doing so, I regretted it because I altered an original Sawyer painting. Oh well, I’m sure he would have been fine with us working on this together.

I probably shouldn’t have added the purple…

Once the piece dries (which will take a long ass time because there’s some thick layers on there), I will frame it and hang it up. All in all, this was a fun activity that didn’t require too much set up or clean up! I’ll definitely do this again with Sawyer when he’s a bit older to see how his creative process grows as he does 🙂

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