One Year of Motherhood

It's been a year. One year ago today I was laying in the same bathtub listening to the same playlist, crying. Today I'm crying because the emotions of the realization that my baby has completed his first year earthside have finally hit me. Then I was crying from exhaustion, from the realization that contractions are … Continue reading One Year of Motherhood

Asking For Help

I have been raised to be a very independent person. This independence has helped me flourish in life - I paid my way through university, started up my own business, traveled, and to this day, am creating the life that I want for myself and my family. All great things. But being such a highly … Continue reading Asking For Help

Baby’s First Painting

It rains a LOT in the lower mainland. So I decided it's time to step up my mama game and start introducing Sawyer to the wonderful world of arts & crafts! With a little inspiration from Pinterest, together, we worked on an abstract painting! I say together because I did all the hard work (prepping, … Continue reading Baby’s First Painting

Sleep Training

In my short time being a mother, I've noticed that with every new stage that the baby enters, the mother is inevitably flooded with decisions. When they are born, we decide on a name. When they are a month or so, we decide if we will introduce a soother. When they enter the fourth month … Continue reading Sleep Training

Four Month Regression Woes

I have legitimate reasons for not writing in the last two months. Not that I really need to explain myself. I mean, this really is just a hobby blog. To my tens of followers who actually read my ramblings, most of you know why I've been MIA from the blogosphere. Believe it or not, but … Continue reading Four Month Regression Woes

The Fouth Trimester

As summer comes to an end, so does the fourth trimester for us. Sawyer happened to be born on the last day of spring, and autumn is almost here. We survived! We survived the cluster feeding. We survived the hormonal changes. We survived the tears, the farts, the screams, the frustrations. We embraced the first … Continue reading The Fouth Trimester


I had done extensive research into how to prepare for labour. I listened to countless podcasts, read articles and books galore, and eagerly paid attention during my prenatal classes. I was ready for labour. What I failed to realize was that labour lasts anywhere from a few hours to maybe a few days in the … Continue reading Motherhood