I Don’t Want To Be An Entrepreneur

Holy shit, it's been so long since I posted that I nearly forgot I even have a blog. Whoops! As the kids say, "Sorry, not sorry!" So as in typical Kat-fashion, I've paved YET another new life path for myself. Some of you may know me as "Kat the Personal Trainer", "Kat the Blogger", "Kat … Continue reading I Don’t Want To Be An Entrepreneur

Wedding Bliss

I write this as I sit here with my heart beating out of my chest. My wedding day is tomorrow. Am I nervous? Nope. The reason my heart is racing is because I’m on the verge of screaming. To my younger self’s dismay, I have really not enjoyed the whole wedding planning process. As it … Continue reading Wedding Bliss

I watched Cowspiracy

The other day I mustered up the courage to sit down and finally watch Cowspiracy (Anderson & Kuhn, 2014). I had been avoiding it because I was worried it would be full of graphic images of animal cruelty. I have seen my fair share of these gruesome and horrible video clips, and I knew I had … Continue reading I watched Cowspiracy