Back In The Writing Groove

It's amazing how life just keeps on going regardless of if we prioritize the important things to us or not! The last time I posted was in February and now it's already mid April. Oops. Anyways, I'm back at it now, and I figure I should give a recap of how my pregnancy has been … Continue reading Back In The Writing Groove

Kitsilano, You Were So Good To Me

A tearful goodbye to my favourite neighbourhood in Vancouver This last week has been chaos. Over the weekend Jeff and I got possession of our new house, a cute 3-bedroom townhouse nestled in the heart of Walnut Grove out in Langley. It's been an exciting time preparing the new space for our official move in, … Continue reading Kitsilano, You Were So Good To Me

Pregnancy Cravings & What I Ate

As a vegan, I get asked a lot about what I eat. It's funny because as soon as you tell someone you're vegan, they're suddenly very concerned about what you're eating. Where do you get your protein? But how do you not eat cheese? What DO you eat? All common questions that come up. When … Continue reading Pregnancy Cravings & What I Ate

My First Trimester

This Saturday marks the 16th week of my pregnancy. To think that just a few weeks ago I was dry heaving on my drive home from work! Ah the first trimester! What an uncomfortable point of pregnancy. My experience was not the worst case scenario. Sure, there was some puking, lots of napping, and a … Continue reading My First Trimester

Wedding Bliss

I write this as I sit here with my heart beating out of my chest. My wedding day is tomorrow. Am I nervous? Nope. The reason my heart is racing is because I’m on the verge of screaming. To my younger self’s dismay, I have really not enjoyed the whole wedding planning process. As it … Continue reading Wedding Bliss